We are  located in the Historic District right along the Quinnipiac River at Quinnipiac River Marina, an absolutely cool spot. 

Barbie Q

Sit up and pay attention You’re not going to want to miss out on this. We are the new cool guys on the waters’s edge offering true wood smoked Barbie Q and C food like you probably have never had the chance to enjoy before. We are not only wood smoking our stuff, no, no, no, we S L O W smoke it for hours in our crazy Ginormous Wood Smoker till it absolutely softly slides off the bone.

We are the only place around that burns real wet wood to create tick awesome smoky smoke to naturally smoke the food we eat. Fake indoor gas smokers can’t do that, it’s like eating plastic meat. Seriously, have theirs, then come try ours, you will taste the difference, you will see. True real Barbie Q can only be made using real wood PERIOD, we all know that so if you want real Barbie Q come to where you can smell the smoke in the air, come here. It’s a sign of the times, we quit using plastic bags, it’s time to stop eating plastic meats, and you will never get any kind of frozen anything from us (except ice cream), absolutely everything we make is fresh from scratch.

What a View

We are on the water’s edge on the Quinnipiac River at the Quinnipiac River Marina, 307 front street Fair Haven.

Come see the beautiful Sunrises, the Sunsets, the water, the birds, the swans and the breeze.

Remember, eat good food or die, it’s that’s simple We’ll keep you alive at Streets

Pit Master

Don’t tell anyone, but in our kitchen we own this off balanced pit master from way down in Alabama, a chained to the smoker doing that  smokey magic they do down there but up here for us. Come on, we all know they smoke everything down there (I think that might have something to do with him being him) but man is he good at it, a true Master! wait till you try his brisket, no the baby backs, no, no the puled pork, no, no,no the burnt ends, the chicken, the chicken, the chicken. I’m so confused but I do know this, after you try any of it, we will be sure we will see you again, this stuffs addicting, so come and dig in 

C food

 All right, we are meat maniacs and we are on the water so we do C food too, the thing about ours is that it is so beautiful you almost don’t want to eat it, but then you try a piece and seconds later you scoff the whole plate, we know. They do their magic in the kitchen to where it’s kinda sweet, it really just melts in your mouth and OMG they do that same amazing thing to the chicken, so soft, so juicy, so tasty, again, OMG!